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Quinoa “The grain of the gods”

The most exquisite Andean plant in the world, cultivated since pre-Hispanic times in Peru.

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4 exotics fruits from Peru

Fall in love with the sweetness and acidity of 4 out of the more than 600 species of fruits that exist in the Andean country, Peru.

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Huacatay, the Peruvian black mint

Discover the taste of this famous Andean herb, you can do so in our culinary experience, Andean Cooking Class, where we teach you how to prepare Pachamanca.

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The Best Cooking Class in Peru

Marcelo Batata Cooking Class, considered by many as the best cooking class in the heart of city of Cusco.

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Papa a la Huancaína

Papa a la Huancaína Behind each of our recipes there is a history. Today we will share the history of “Papa a la Huancaina”. According to Jorge Stambury in his book “The Great Peruvian Cuisine”, during the construction of the central railway of Peru, whose initial station is located in Huancayo, the railway workers had to chop the stone from the hills to make their way to the railroad route, While they were working in Huancayo at more than 2000 […]

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