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Marcelo batata cooking class Huacatay

Huacatay Today we are going to talk about Huacatay (Tagetes minuta), a fundamental ingredient in Andean cuisine, but which might be an enigma for those who were not born in Peru. Since our cuisine makes good and extensive use of this herb you are going to find it in many of our recipes. So, what´s Huacatay? It is a native Peruvian herb related to marigold and tarragon that has been used since Inca times giving our food an special and […]

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Marcelo batata cooking class Quinoa

Quinoa The Incas considered the quinoa as “the grain of the gods”. It was part of the Incas´time diet along as potatoes and maize. It is said that the Spanish (who called it “american little rice” or “Incas´ wheat,” restricted its consumption in the indigenous population because they noticed that it made them stronger. That´s why indigenous had to replace this nutritious grain by cereals brought from the European continent. In Peru we have over a hundred different species. The […]

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Marcelo batata cooking class Papa a la Huancaina

Papa a la Huancaina Behind each of our recipes there is a history. Today we will share the history of “Papa a la Huancaina”. According to Jorge Stambury in his book “The Great Peruvian Cuisine”, during the construction of the central railway of Peru, whose initial station is located in Huancayo, the railway workers had to chop the stone from the hills to make their way to the railroad route, While they were working in Huancayo at more than 2000 […]

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